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Magnetic Bracelet Buyers Guide

Tips For Buying A Magnetic Bracelet


Type of bracelet –

The main 2 types of magnetic bracelet that are sold are either link bracelets or bangles

Link bracelets come in many most designs and materials than bangles and benefit for having extra magnets in them, normally bangles only have up to 6 magnets in but link bracelets can have up to 30 or even more for people with bigger wrists as there are 1 or 2 magnets per link depending on style. Link bracelets also have the benefit to be altered to the size of your wrist making for a more comfortable fit. The only down side to link bracelets are if you need to take them off frequently the clasp may loosen over time so we recommend tighten this up with a part of pliers. Bangles have the benefit of being easy to put on and take off as people may have problems with clasps.


Magnets –

When buying a magnetic bracelet it’s good to know how many magnets are in the bracelet and the surface strength of the magnets. 


Material –

Magnetic bracelets come in many types of materials, the main ones are Titanium, stainless steel, copper alloy, and alloy, other materials there are sold in ceramic and tungsten also come in silicone for sports bands. Take a look at our guide “Types of metals” for more information on each type



On the link bracelets they are sized to fit you wrist, sizing is important to get write to both be not to tight but comfortable to wear at the same time. We suggest when you measure your wrist size them add 12mm (half an inch) for comfort, this is normally a good comfortable size that gives you most health benefit.

Take a look at our Sizing guide for more information.


Finding a bracelet for you –

One of the most important things is that you like the bracelet, magnetic bracelets come in many types of designs and colours for everybody and people will be wearing them most of the time so its important you find something you like.    

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