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Types Of Metals

Different Types Of Magnetic Bracelets


Titanium –

Titanium has many benefits over other types of metals use to make jewellery; it’s a lot lighter then stainless steel but comparable in strength. Titanium is also hypoallergenic making it perfect for people with sensitive skin or people that have allergic reactions. Other properties of titanium mean it doesn’t conduct electricity and heat well and is also non magnetic making it really good for making jewellery. Titanium is also highly resistant to corrosion from water and sea water meaning you can wear your bracelet in water although this may make it discolour over longer periods of time.


Stainless steel –

Stainless steel has similar properties to titanium being a strong and durable enough for everyday use, slightly heavier then titanium but still has the benefit of being hypoallergenic.


Copper –

Copper is different from the other 2 metals above, most copper bracelets and bangles are made from a copper alloy to give it more strength and durability. The copper itself can be absorbed through the skin normally making the skin go a greeny colour, when copper is absorbed into the body through the skin it has anti-inflammatory effect on the body and therefore may have painkilling properties. Copper can be use to help ease joint pain and help offer some relief from arthritis.

Alloy –

Alloy bracelets are made up from combining other metals together, this make them not as strong as other bracelet but makes them cheaper. They also have the benefit of coming in 100s of different styles and using real gemstones as decoration.

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